Running Tools

Age-Graded Calculator with Equivalent Performances

Determine your age-graded percent for any standard race distance. This tool will also provide you with the equivalent times at other common distances ranging from 100 meters all the way up to 100 miles.

Marathon 5K Split Calculator

This calculator easily calculates your marathon 5K splits after you enter the elapsed time from 5K, 10K, 15K, etc. so you can see if you were speeding up or slowing down as the race went on.

Race Pace Calculator

Use this pace calculator to easily find your time, pace, or distance for any run. Simply enter two of the three and then it will figure out the third.

Wonky Splits Fixer

If you start your run without your GPS watch having satellites fully acquired, it’ll record incorrect data. This calculator helps you figure out what that data should have been.

Calories Burned Calculator

Ever wonder how many calories your run burned? Use this simple calculator to find out. It takes into account both distance run and your body weight.

When Is My Race?

This tool will tell you how many days and weeks are left until your race and when you should start training it.