Race Distances

Below is a list of all the race distances that Inglog currently tracks for personal records. To make sure that we capture all appropriate races even with conversions to and from the Metric system, we include a little buffer. You can see the exact minimum and maximum values we use in the last two columns.

Race NameMilesKMMin.Max.
100 Meters0.060.100.04214 miles0.08214 miles
200 Meters0.120.200.10427 miles0.14427 miles
400 Meters0.250.400.22855 miles0.26855 miles
800 Meters0.500.800.47710 miles0.51710 miles
1000 Meters0.621.000.60137 miles0.64137 miles
1500 Meters0.931.500.91206 miles0.95206 miles
Mile1.001.610.98000 miles1.02000 miles
2 Kilometers1.242.001.22274 miles1.26274 miles
3 Kilometers1.863.001.84411 miles1.88411 miles
2 Miles2.003.221.98000 miles2.02000 miles
4 Kilometers2.494.002.46548 miles2.50548 miles
3 Miles3.004.832.98000 miles3.02000 miles
5 Kilometers3.115.003.08686 miles3.12686 miles
4 Miles4.006.443.98000 miles4.02000 miles
8 Kilometers4.978.004.95097 miles4.98548 miles
5 Miles5.008.054.98549 miles5.02000 miles
6 Miles6.009.665.98000 miles6.02000 miles
10 Kilometers6.2110.006.19371 miles6.23371 miles
Quarter Marathon6.5510.556.53469 miles6.57469 miles
7 Miles7.0011.276.98000 miles7.02000 miles
12 Kilometers7.4612.007.43645 miles7.47645 miles
8 Miles8.0012.877.98000 miles8.02000 miles
9 Miles9.0014.488.98000 miles9.02000 miles
15 Kilometers9.3215.009.30057 miles9.34057 miles
10 Miles10.0016.099.98000 miles10.02000 miles
20 Kilometers12.4320.0012.40742 miles12.44742 miles
Half Marathon13.1121.1013.08938 miles13.12938 miles
15 Miles15.0024.1414.98000 miles15.02000 miles
25 Kilometers15.5325.0015.51428 miles15.55428 miles
30 Kilometers18.6430.0018.62114 miles18.66114 miles
20 Miles20.0032.1919.98000 miles20.02000 miles
Marathon26.2242.2026.19876 miles26.23876 miles
50 Kilometers31.0750.0031.04856 miles31.08856 miles
50 Miles50.0080.4749.98000 miles50.02000 miles
100 Kilometers62.14100.0062.11712 miles62.15712 miles
100 Miles100.00160.9399.98000 miles100.02000 miles