Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my privacy settings?
To adjust your privacy settings, visit the Edit Profile page. Unless you say that it’s okay for other people to see your profile, we won’t allow others to see it.

How do I update my personal records on my profile page?
Inglog automatically searches through your running log and pulls out your fastest running race in each of the standard race distances for you. If it’s not working, make sure that you have saved the run as a race and not as a training run.

What’s a TCX file? And how do I get mine?
A TCX file is a file generated by many GPS watches that can be used to upload data on the Inglog Upload Activity page. If your watch is a Garmin, the easiest way to download your TCX file is to go to the Garmin Connect activities page, select your workout, then click the “Export” link. If it’s a Polar, go to Polar Flow, select your activity, and scroll down to the export link near the very bottom of the page.

How do I edit or delete an activity?
Click on the + link next to that workout in your activity log and there will be links on the Activity Details page that can take you to the Edit and Delete pages.

Does Inglog allow me to track cross training?
Yes. Simply go to the Record XT page from the Upload Activity dropdown menu.