Stats & Charts

Custom Stats

View total distance, total time, average pace, average distance per activity, and more for activities that match specific criteria you set, including date ranges.

Quick Stats

At a glance see stats for your activities from the the current week, month, and year. Also shows the stats from the rolling week, month, and year.

Monthly Stats

See how far and how fast you ran, rode, or swam for each month of the year. You can also browse back to previous years. Each year is linked to a corresponding bar chart for you visual learners out there.

Weekly Stats

Pretty much the same things as the monthly stats but for weeks instead of months. You get to choose what day of the week your stats start on and can see data for the past 13 weeks all in one spot.

Mileage Forecast

This will tell you how many running, biking, and swimming miles you’ll end up with for both 2017 and September if you keep up with the same rate of training.

Rolling Distance Chart

This line graph represents the total number of miles run, biked, and swam in the 30 days prior to any given date for the past year.

Mileage Map

Maps of the USA and world, showing how many miles you ran, swam, and biked in each state or country. Also includes maps of where you raced and ran marathons.

Regional Stats

Tables showing your running, biking, or swimming stats broken out by state or country.


Keep track of your longest streaks of consecutive running, biking, or swimming days.